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Make decisions today to be successful tomorrow.

In his book "Leading with Brain" Sebastian Purps writes that the five most important factors for improving employee performance are affiliation, development, confidence, meaningfulness and experience. Not all points can be met with the same approach. With the approach we offer you, you satisfy the needs for affiliation, confidence and meaningfulness.

Affiliation means, among other things, working in a team, or sharing the same vision as the company. One of the most effective ways to increase the sense of belonging among your employees is to create a feedback culture. We help you to give the right feedback.

Meaningfulness means when people find meaning in their own actions. It is easier for them to cope with difficult conditions. According to studies, recognition of work increases personal meaning and thus the willingness to perform. We help you to find the right appreciation for your team.

Successful managers believe in their employees and thus strengthen their personal sense of meaning. If people feel that someone believes in them, handling critical situations is easier. A leader`s trust in his employees helps them to reach their full potential and realize their best performance. We help you to give the right confidence.

Of course, all these points apply not only to your employees, but also to customers and strategic partners. Thank your customers for their loyalty or thank your partner for the trusting cooperation. In a time where everything must be faster, cheaper and better, there is hardly time to say thank you. We will help you!


How does it work?

There are two ways in which we support you to improve the performance of your employees, to retain customers, or to win partners. You can either choose directly from the existing products or request personalized products. If you choose the first option, you can select and order the products in our online shop. You are welcome to contact us to receive exact delivery details, or discounts for large orders. You can also give us a budget and we will put together the perfect gift box for you. This is ideal if you are looking for a gift for your Christmas party, celebrating an anniversary or if you want to say thank you for a successful business year. To give you an example:

Your company celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. You organize a small ceremony and invite both your employees and your partners. To express your appreciation, to thank them for their trust and their great commitment, give them the gift box, which we will put together individually for you. All we need from you is a budget and the values the gift box should represent. Tell us what your company stands for and what the message should be, so that we can find the perfect gift.

It is also possible to order personalized gifts or gift boxes, for example with your company logo printed on them. The principle is similar. Either you choose the gifts to be personalized by yourself, or you tell us your wishes and we will put together the perfect gift box. 


Now we ask YOU, what decision have you made TODAY to ensure the success of TOMORROW? It can be something small, like congratulating an employee on her birthday, or visiting a customer personally. But it can also be something bigger. We would like to support you with this somewhat larger decision and look forward to hearing from you.